Texas Door & Trim offers custom garage doors that complement every style of home and construction, from historic, commercial and traditional styles to cutting-edge contemporary, made with only the finest materials and technology available.

For over 20 years, Carriage House Door Company has designed and constructed some of the most innovative and beautiful garage doors in the country. Texas Door & Trim carries Carriage House Door products for those who seek handcrafted, custom-made garage door solutions. Carriage House Door products are made with only the finest materials which not only complement, but enhance their project designs.

Over the years, Carriage House's craftsmen have developed a unique depth of understanding of the characteristics and inherent architectural potential of a variety of woods, metals, glass and composite materials. This knowledge has allowed them to create truly unique garage doors not found anywhere else and can stand the tests of time.

Custom Wood Garage Door on Luxury Dallas Home
Full View Door Avalon

One of the new exploding design trends is open air spaces with operable window walls. In the past, the only real option was garage door style sectional or roll up door which are undesirable because of the loud operation and unsightly look of door tracks, springs, hydraulics.You no longer have to sacrifice design for function! Full View Door Company, the newest custom opening solution from Carriage House Door Company, offers unique, custom, architecturally designed doors and operable walls that transcend traditional boundaries and transform interior and exterior spaces. We feature fully customizable openings that expand design for architectural, commercial, and residential projects. You get more light, more air, more options, more space:

  • Access more light and airflow
  • Expand indoor/outdoor living
  • Achieve better sight lines
  • Design forward with no unsightly overhead tracks
  • Quieter, safer door operation with exclusive motorized technology system
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